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1. Colour, modern photography (1999)
2. Black and white modern photography (1999)
3. Black and white archival photography, "colour-blind"
    material (1899)

    (...) My method of re – creation which I put into practice for example in Artus Court in Gdańsk or with incunabula: Księga Praw Miejskich Głubczyc is different. The main difference is that conservator works on existing original object, which is destroyed in some parts. In my works such an original doesn’t exist. I have on my disposal only black and white photography of the original art. My work is to re – create peace of art which doesn’t exist any more, not to re — paint some parts of original art and then adapt to the whole composition. Very interesting opinion in this question present Professor Szmelter in publication Dwór Artusa w Gdańsku - sztuka i sztuka konserwacji ISBN 83-86527-07-2.

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Antoni Möller, The Tribute Money, 1601 (detail), MHMG

(...) It must be remembered that first of all I am an artist. Computer is something completely new in my work. First when I start to work at The Artus Court or with Anthony Möller’s works, I thought about painting a copy, based on original techniques. However it would be reinterpretation based on black and white photography. It might be also based on the other original paintings of the same artist or his school or even on analysing the originals which are able to see in Gdańsk, in St Mary’s Basilica and in National Museum. I would like to create a painting composition and my decision was that I don’t want to lose the contact with the original work of art.




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